Business Consultation

Mental Health in the Workplace

It is important for successful businesses to have a staff team with good mental health.  Clinical Psychologists can offer businesses a unique perspective on team functioning, safe practice and productivity.  Solution Psychology can provide a service to your business through consultation, direct assessment and/or interventions:

  • to help identify any risks to the mental health of your staff and how to ensure the psychological needs of staff are supported
  • to assess difficulties in team dynamics that may be impacting on staff mental health and business productivity/safety
  • to address any specific issues that have arisen around mental health and psychological well-being within your staff group, as a team or as individuals
  • to provide team based interventions to improve workplace relations
  • to provide individual psychotherapeutic interventions for staff
  • to provide emergency psychological first aid following workplace trauma

Please get in touch to discuss your needs further and to clarify whether Solution Psychology is the right service to meet your needs.

Solution Psychology does not offer an Occupational Psychology service (e.g. selection of personnel, management of risk).  If this is the service you require go to the British Psychological Society site to find an appropriately trained psychologist.

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